DCÖ-SMALL packaging


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**** SMALL FORMAT ****

DCÖ: Food packaging made from beeswax.

Replace your disposable plastic wrap with washable and reusable beeswax wrap.
Use it for your sandwiches, snacks, as a placemat, in lunch boxes or on the go.
Directly package your fruits, cheeses, vegetables, breads, pastries and herbs.
Cover your dishes, bowls, glasses, etc.
Local and organic beeswax.

Easy to use, the wrap can become more malleable thanks to the warmth of your hands.
Clean it by hand with a cloth by wiping it or directly with lukewarm water with dishwashing liquid or mild soap.
Avoid heat sources.
Reuse as much as possible, until it no longer sticks at all.
At the end of their life, the packaging can make very good fire starters or be refreshed using our premixed blocks: DCÖlogie.


2-Cornflower leaf
3-Wild blueberry
6-Raspberry leaf
7- Green apple
8- Red apple
9- Strawberry
10- Pear
11- Potato
12- Bread
13- Spices
14- Cucumber
15- Carrot
16- Lawyer
17- Cow
18- Hen
19- Polar bear
20- Brown bear
21- Lama
22- Lazy
23- Watermelon
24- Fishing

Comment your desired colors.

For any special requests do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to it.
Stephanie xx.

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