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Collection ***** PURE - LINEN *****

This is our new PURE-LIN collection.
Made from ecological linen fabric without dyeing.

The complete collection includes:

° Two (2) washable linen multi-purpose net bags.
° One (1) towel-bath in ratine and linen.
° 4 makeup remover pads - washable cleaners in ratine and linen.
° One (1) white washing net bag for makeup remover-cleansing pads.
° One (1) bundle-pouch for personal effects (jewelry), soap and/or cleaning pads. Ratine and linen.
**The bundle opens completely flat to make a hand washcloth.
° One (1) linen hair darling.

You can contact us for other product combinations, specific colors or other.
It will be our pleasure to help you in your requests and / or research.

Stephanie xx

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